Boat Insurance

Your boat is one of life's pleasures for which you have worked hard to own and enjoy. We want to help you safeguard your boat by providing you with an industry leading insurance policy that is backed by the expertise of industry leaders.

When it comes to insuring boats and other personal watercraft, there are plenty of options.  Many people add their boat to their house insurance policy while others purchase a separate policy.  While we offer both of those options for insuring your boat, there are advantages to purchasing a separate policy.

We can provide superior coverage for your pleasure craft, including jet skis, boats and motors. 

Is this better than just insuring the boat on my home insurance?

You receive far better coverage than what you can typically get with your home insurance and usually at a better price. As well, you will benefit from:

  • Better basis of claim settlement
  • Guaranteed Replacement Coverage on new boats
  • All Risk Coverage
  • Dealing with a company that knows boats
  • Coverage for personal effects
  • A claim on your boat will not affect the claims free discount on your house insurance
  • Many additional coverages such as emergency towing, vacation expenses and wreck removal