Manufacturers Insurance

If you’re in the business of manufacturing or wholesaling, than you require a specialized policy created specifically for companies like yours. Whether you are manufacturing goods, process food or if you wholesale products like plumbing supplies or clothing, we can tailor a policy specific for your business operations.

It is important that your business is protected - no matter how simple or complex, large or small - you require the proper insurance policy to protect your business.  We offer full package policies that are tailored specifically for your business with a wide range of optional policy enhancements that will help give you the confidence that your business is covered.

Some of the coverage that we will review with you are:

  • Property - coverage for your leased or owned building, business property and equipment & business interruption coverage.
  • Product Recall - Coverage for the cost of recalling products suspected or known to be defective
  • Transportation - Coverage for while your products is being shipped, land, air or Sea.
  • Liability - bodily injury, property damage or medical payments from on-site accidents or other injuries or damages that occur while running your business.
  • Equipment breakdown - covering physical damage to heaters, air conditioners, Production Machinery and other equipment from covered losses due to mechanical breakdown, operator error, short circuits, power surges and more.