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Broker vs Direct Writer. What is the difference?

Published on July 2, 2019   Tips Insurance

Summertime is upon us, and in insurance, that means a large percentage of peoples home coverage is coming due for renewal. While many Manitobans put their trust in an insurance broker for their insurance needs, many go with a direct insurance provider such as through a bank, The Cooperators or even credit unions. But do you know the difference between choosing to place your insurance with a broker or a direct writer?

We Provide Choice.

One of the main differences between a direct writer and an insurance broker is choice. Insurance brokers provide a choice, and we represent a wide range of insurance markets, which mean that we can offer you many different options.  At One Insurance, for example, if you come in for a quote on your insurance, we will provide you with up to 8 quotes with different insurance companies. When you visit a direct writer, they are limited to only their insurance product, which means you can't choose between multiple options.

Who Do you Work With?

When you work with an insurance broker, we work for you on behalf of our insurance markets. We review all of the quotes that are provided by our insurance markets and present you with the multiple options that would give you the best value. If you're working with a direct writer, they only represent the one market, and they represent that market directly.

The main benefit of dealing with a broker like us is that we are a Manitoba based company with local teams. Often, direct writers have head offices in other Provinces, and you never know who you are going to be helping you.

If your policy is coming due for renewal soon, let us do the shopping for you and provide you with multiple quotes all at once.

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