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The Importance Of Clearing The Snow Off Your Roof

Published on March 11, 2019   Tips Winter

Once winter hits, shovelling off your roof is one of the last things on your list to do, as shovelling the driveway can be bad enough. Clearing your roof used to be a nearly impossible job as it involved going right onto the roof. In recent years the snow rake has become more popular and easy to find in stores and makes clearing the snow an easier task.  

Both business owners and homeowners should consider clearing the snow off of their roof if the snow is becoming excessive. Recently two business just south of the border had their roofs collapse due to snow load. 

So why should you clear your roof?

In general, your homes roof is built to handle 20 pounds per square foot. It has been estimated that 10 - 12 inches of snow is roughly one inch of water or about five pounds per square foot of roof. If you were to have excessive snow buildup on your roof or have a massive snowstorm, then four feet of snow is nearing your maximum weight limit.

In the spring once things start to melt the snow will start to get denser and heavier. If you couple that with potential new snowfall and/or rain, this will add extra strain on your roof. In older homes, heat loss through the roof is a significant issue and can cause ice damming at your gutters. As the snow continues to melt and run down your roof the ice damming can back up further and further up your roof. This could turn into a water damage issue as the melted snow can find its way between your shingles and into your home.

By purchasing a roof rake, it will allow you to minimize the change of your roof collapsing and/or suffering ice damming. A roof rake can cost anywhere between $40 - $100, depending on which kind you choose. Regularly clearing the snow from your roof will help prevent ice damming and is relatively easy to do. One thing to remember is to clear the snow from your roof before shovelling the driveway, so you don't have to shovel twice!

It's worth mentioning that we have mainly spoken about clearing the snow from your home roof but, this can be applied to your garage, shed, business or any other building on your property with a roof.

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