Hobby Farms

We take the time to understand of your daily operations, to help provide you with a policy with the best coverage.

Just because you run your hobby farm for your own enjoyment, doesn't mean that you're not wide open to risks -- from damage and theft to costly liability claims that typical Homeowners Insurance won't cover.

Not every Manitoba farmer has a big piece of machinery sitting in the yard. If your farming operations are not your primary source of income, you own some livestock for personal use and enjoyment or have a workshop or large outbuildings, talk to your One Insurance broker about a hobby farm package.

As a hobby farm or country property owner with acreage, you have unique exposures that are often excluded on a residential insurance policy, and yet you may not need all the coverage associated with a working farm.

By getting to know you and gaining an understanding of your daily operations, your One Insurance broker will develop a policy that offers all the protection you need while remaining cost-effective. With a specially designed program tailored to you, you can get back to enjoying your hobby farm with true peace of mind.