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Tips to Keep Cool and Safe This Summer

Published on July 11, 2022   Safety Tips

Summer is the time of year to soak up a bit of that Prairie heat and sunshine while it lasts. Of course, there are also some of us who prefer to spend our summers in the cooler indoors. No matter how you plan to spend your time this season, it’s important you remember to keep cool and stay safe. 

Enjoying the sunshine and heat outdoors?

Don’t forget sunscreen (with an SPF of 15 or higher), sunglasses, a hat, and breathable clothing (cotton materials are best in hot weather). If you prefer to be out in the yard and want to cool off by the pool during summer, it’s important to follow this pre-pool time checklist:

  • Is there an adult present to supervise the swim?
  • Have you reviewed the pool rules with everyone spending time in the pool?
  • Do you have lifejackets and personal floatation devices (such as lifebuoy rings or kickboards) in an easy-to-access space nearby?

If you answered yes to all three, you’re ready to go! Just remember always to enter the water feet first

Avoid slips, trips, and falls!

Pool areas can become quite slippery from water spilling over the edge and pool toys on the pool deck could cause slips, trips, or falls. If you don’t have a pool, setting up a sprinkler to run through can also be a great option! Just make sure you set it up on a level area, watch that the grass doesn’t become too slippery, and remove any toys or yard equipment in the way.

Don’t forget that water and electricity don’t mix!

  • Never leave appliances or radios plugged in near water and if they fall in always unplug them before pulling them away.
  • Never swim in the pool or run through the sprinkler during an electrical storm.

Keeping cool in the comfort of your home?

If spending time in air-conditioned spaces is your favourite way to cool off, there are still some tips to remember so you can stay safe!

Did you know: Window-mounted and portable air conditioners draw a lot of electricity, which means the appliance cords, any extension cords you may use, and the plugs can actually get quite hot and can do so quickly.

To avoid these overheating and potentially starting a fire, it’s important to use an extension cord specific for air conditioners. You can find heavy-duty, 12 or 14-gauge cords designed specifically for these appliances, online and at your local hardware or department store.

Here’s an extension cord checklist before you plug in:

  • Make sure the cord isn’t frayed or cracked.
  • Make sure the cord is out of areas with high foot traffic.
  • Make sure the cord isn’t hidden under rugs or placed underneath furniture. 

Sun safety should be practiced year-round, but we are more likely to experience the damaging effects of the sun and heat in the summer. Let’s all do our best to keep cool and stay safe this summer!


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