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Road Trip Safety Tips

Published on August 25, 2020   Safety Tips Road Trip Rental Car

Many families are hitting the road one last time before school starts. But before you get behind the wheel, check out our road trip safety tips:

Focus On The Road

1 in 20 Canadian drivers is using a cell phone while driving. That one statistic alone is enough to increase your risk of getting into an accident on your road trip. 

Share driving time

After a full day of driving, you will most likely be exhausted. You should be switching drivers every few hours to avoid fatigue. 

Don't Drive Tired

No matter how excited you are to get to your road trip destination, never drive when you are sleepy. It only takes a few seconds for you to doze off and lose control of the vehicle.

Don’t Speed 

Allow yourself enough travel time so that you are not in a rush. Speed is a contributing factor in 30% of fatal auto accidents and in 12% of all accidents. Excessive speed isn’t always about driving over the speed limit. Depending on the road conditions, you could be below the speed limit and still drive too fast.

Stop to Eat

The drive-thru may be convenient but multitasking behind the wheel takes your attention off the road.

Vehicle Maintenance

A week or two before you leave, take your vehicle to your mechanic for a general tune-up. Make sure all fluids are topped up and air tire pressure is good. It is important to ensure your vehicle works great while you are away.




Out-of-Province Travel Insurance

If you are leaving the province, it’s a good idea to look into travel insurance. Out-of-province emergency medical expenses are not generally covered by your provincial medical plan.  

Renting a car? 

One Insurance can offer better coverage at a substantially lower cost than most rental companies. 

Increase your chances of having the best trip by taking these steps before you head out on the road! Don’t forget, the purpose of your road trip is to enjoy quality time and make memories with your family. 

Our insurance professionals are here to help. Call or visit your local branch and ask us about insurance options for your next road trip.


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