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Distracted Driving Law Changes

Published on November 1, 2018   Tips Safety

Effective November 1st, the distracted driving laws have changed in Manitoba. Previously if you were caught using your electronic device you would receive a $203 fine and five demerits. If you’re caught now you will receive a $672 fine, 5 demerits and a three day suspension of your drivers licence. For a second offence within 10 years, you will receive a seven day suspension. After each suspension you will also have to pay a $50 drivers licence re-instatement fee.

This harsh change has come into affect as the amount of distracted driving related crashes has risen significantly over the last five years. There was 4,700 distracted driving accidents in 2012 and last year that number increased to more than 15,000.

RCMP also reported that halfway through the month of October they were on pace to issue 1000 tickets for distracted driving. 30 people were killed in 2017 and 184 were seriously injured due to distracted driving.

The moral of the story is that while you are driving you should not be on your phone. Global News reported “Traffic Division Inspector Gord Spado says if your phone is mounted on your dash board you can touch it, but only once”, “You can touch it once to initiate, accept or end a call. That’s it”

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