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Safety Tips For Your ATV

Published on July 19, 2018   Safety Tips ORV

Summer is in full swing and that means everyone is out enjoying the sun. Manitobans love to spend their summers riding ATV’s and safety should always be a priority while doing so. It’s recommend that you do a pre-ride and post-ride inspection of your ATV before and after every ride. Below is a comprehensive list of what should be inspected.

With the ATV turned off, check the following:

  • Is the manufacturer’s manual there?
  • Look at the maintenance records – are there any recent problems or warnings?
  • Is the gas tank full?
  • Is the oil level okay?
  • Is the tire pressure on all four tires okay?
  • Is the helmet in good condition? Does the chinstrap work? Is the visor clear and unscratched?
  • Are the first aid and emergency kits there? Is the tire repair kit there?
  • Grab each tire with both hands and try to rock it – there should be no movement or play.
  • Grab each footpeg and footplate and try to move it – there should be no movement or looseness.
  • Are all the wheel bolts tight on each tire?
  • Look at all four tires, all around – there should be no obvious worn places or cuts.
  • Look at all the cables and lines – there should be no signs of wear or breaks.

With the ATV started:

  • Do the lights come on?
  • Turn the handlebars as far as they go – the throttle should continue to run smoothly, regardless of the handlebar position.
  • On level ground, go slowly. Try the brakes. You should have a smooth stop, with no grabbing, and no pulling to one side.

Turn the ATV off.

  • Does the engine stop smoothly? There should be no run-on.
  • A post-ride inspection is just as important as a pre-ride inspection. You should checking the following:
  • All the fluid levels (gas, oil, and so on) and top them all up.
  • The pressure and condition of all four tires, and add air if necessary.
  • The tightness of all important parts – the footpegs and footplates, the wheels, the wheel bolts should show no looseness or play. Tighten any that need it.
  • All lines and cables – there should be no signs of wear or damage.

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